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NZ Hat and Hair Art Awards - Multimedia

SPF Multimedia supply expert services to the Mazda 2009 NZ Hat and Hair Art Awards.

SPF Multimedia returned to the Theatre Royal this year to supply multimedia presentation software and content at the prestigious Hat & Hair Awards. This year's event, again under the event direction of Denise Whyte, and entitled The Four Corners of the Earth attracted creative talent from around the country and Australia.

Creative director Aaron Williams has used SPF Multimedia in the past, most notably for his first Hat & Hair Awards show in 2005. Pushing for the use of plasma screens for live information display, Aaron is now realising his vision of a show supported by the latest in event technology. The bright, sharp, plasma image, flown above the stage, could be seen clearly by everyone in the 1000-seater theatre.

With presentation software especially designed and built for the show, SPF were confident they could handle the run order, photographs and information of over sixty contestants and more than twenty sponsors. "There's not much time between when we photograph the hair and the show goes up," said SPF principal Robyn von Pein. Around two hundred images have to be processed and put in the right place by the Saturday afternoon deadline. Meticulous preparation is key to success, combined with the experience gained on many similar events at this and other Canterbury venues.

"We love working with Aaron," Robyn said, "we have this situation where we have to interpret his vision in ways that will work both artistically and technically. He's always pushing the boundaries, and that makes exciting challenges for us too." Mazda return as gold sponsors of the show in 2010, and the theme is already chosen - A Century of Cinema. SPF are looking forward to working on ever bigger, brighter, and more integrated multimedia at the next Hat & Hair Awards.