Aaron Williams - Theatre - Set Design


If you are a fan of Terry Pratchett, you’ll love the production by the Drama League of one of his most fanciful works Guards! Guards! In the highly capable hands of Dave Mortimer as director.

The literally fantastic storyline is of little consequence, and the zany nature of the play, part-pantomime, part-parody, makes for plenty of laughs; it is above all a witty work, almost in the fashion of the Goons, who likewise had a true cult following.

Mr Mortimer’s production of this Discworld creation has highly appropriate characters, and a marvellous backstage crew. Greg Davis shone as the Naive Lance Corporal Carrot, ably supported by his fellow palace guards, but the real star onstage featured Captain Vimes (Dave Mortimer), with his honest appraisal of the nature of the threat to the city of Ankh-Morpork. Others to stand out included Kevin Foley, Allan Judd and Peter Jordan.

Aaron Williams’ set design was flawless, the costuming (Christine Cheeseman), lighting (Rob Horsburgh) and sound effects (Alice Sollis) were superb, and the dragons and associated prompts and effects were out of this world.

The one fault was the lack of a cast list in the programme, but this is a minor carp. For a mostunusual performance, see this play!

Reviewed by Gordon Prowse
Originally published by The Timaru Herald